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What's In Your Beach Bag!?


⭐ Hair is just as important to protect as your skin! If you're going in the ocean or the pool you should definitely be taking precautions to keep your color from fading & not drying out those ends from the sun.

⭐ If you're a swimmer and love to get that hair wet, ESPECIALLY blondes, dampen your hair and saturate focusing mainly on ends and slightly at the root by applying Brazilian Blowout Masque. It's a great way to guard your hair from chlorine, salt and sun!

⭐ Feeling a little dull? Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine is a glitzy spray that will add sheen and softness back into your hair after a day at the beach, swirl the bottle do not shake, and give your hair a few good squirts from a slight distance to avoid looking TOO shiny! Less is more.

⭐ What's a beach day without Kevin Murphy Beach Waves?! It comes in a spray and a cream to give you beach waves WITHOUT having to necessarily be at the beach. You know, that perfect soft wave that goes perfectly with your fresh color from Expressions & tanned skin from soaking up that Vitamin D.

⭐ Last but certainly not least, a WET BRUSH! They're amazing and can fit right in your bag, get the tangles out of your hair since you're probably driving with the windows down and enjoying the breeze.

⭐ ALL of these amazing products and more can be found right at Expressions Salon! Any of the girls are knowledgeable and can help you cocktail the best products for the greatest looking hair!