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From Dark to Blonde

Here is an example that we saw on Behind the Chair: BLONDE TAKES TIME & PATIENCE! It is not a snap of the fingers process nor a one day appointment. Depending on the color we are working with it may take a few times to get you as light as this photo shows! Make sure when you call to schedule your reservation that you let us know what exactly your goals are. This way we can book accordingly to have enough time with you. With that being said it is certainly a costly change, so make sure that you INVEST in your hair, don't don't don't attempt this on yourself. It takes a skilled pro who knows what they're doing to assure your hair ends up healthy and not damaged after the process. Adding B3 Bond Builder to your formulas will help! Appointments are filling in quickly now that everyone is coming out of hibernation so make sure to call TODAY!!! 732-341-4422 VISIT SOME OF OUR STYLIST'S FACEBOOK PAGES: @Ashley Devine @Lori Ann Sledzik Bien @Kristin Cuiffo