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Product Spotlight: FULL AGAIN

Full Again Wins Allure Award for 'Best Breakthrough Product'

Full Again has taken the hairdressing world by storm since its launch and now has been awarded the Allure Award for 'Best Breakthrough Product.' This award recongnizes products from all over the glove and is an amazing achievement comsidering the field of worthy finalists. Full Again is a thickening lotion infused with essential oil of Amyris and Elemi, this weightless lotion will thicken hair, providing natural movement and body.

Full Again also has Rayon particles creating a thicker surface and making fine hair act thicker.

How to use: Apply to ends and mid-lengths of damp hair before styling.

Benefits: Natural movement and body. Paraben and sulphate free. Thickening, fortifying, strengthens hair, volumizing.