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PERFECT Eyebrows, Every Time.

Want perfect eyebrows, every time you do them?

Expressions Salon offers Lizette Brow Kits!

Not only do they accentuate what you have, or maybe don't have, but it also doubles as a great product you can use on your hair when you're not quite ready for a touch up but those stubborn grey hairs start coming through!

Stop in the Salon and we will show you one on one exactly how (easily) it is applied and it wont come off until you wash your face!

Lizette Brow Kits come with a number of stencils to fit any brow shape/size as well as a generous amount of powder and a brush to get you perfect brows in just minutes!!

Now Available for only $30 Call us today and make sure when booking your next appointment you ask for the Lizette PERFECT Brows! 732-341-4422