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Great Hair Begins In The Salon

When you step foot in the Salon we can begin to consult with you from beginning to end about what you should be using to keep your hair looking great from the time you step out of Expressions until the next time you return!

Great Hair Begins in the Salon but it is also very important you're not washing out your color in the shower! Using specific products for the best results can be recommended to you and we will honestly guide you in the proper direction.

Think about it this way, if you didn't take care of your car properly it wouldn't work and you may end up ruining it even more if you aren't doing what you can when it's not in the shop. It starts under the hood and comes all the way down to the way you treat it on a daily basis. Expressions proudly, constantly has continued education In Salon and outside of the Salon so that we have all the knowledge to pass on to you!

For best results at home make sure you're using Kevin Murphy, Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Complex products! We love them enough to stand behind them because we know it actually works!

Expressions is here for all of your hair needs!!!

To reserve an appointment please call 732-341-4422